The Dream of Bridge is funded by Bailey Yang, who is helping the desolated kids in China.


小河山小学曾急需160张学生桌椅, 扬桥先生爱心捐献了10套.


       终于在圣诞节期间,在爱心人士的支持下, 扬桥先生完成了小河山桌椅的捐献. 2017, 12月25号, 扬桥先生有辛亲自回中国,然后在爱心人士犹津的帮助下,亲自到了贵州省,瓮安县,猴场镇,小河山学校进行了捐献和看望.


The Small River school was in need for 160 tables and chairs. Each set was $45, and Bailey was able to visit and donate 30 sets to the school.

     The student desks and chairs have been used for so many years that many of them are severely chipped and damaged. 

     In Christmas of 2017, Bailey went back to China, and under Mr. Jin You's help, they drove to the Small River Elementary School to visit the students and made the donation.


On the desk, it says "American Chinese Bailey Yang donated".

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Bailey Yang's Donation in the Clas​sroom

The Small River School principal Mr. Pang put all of Bailey's donation in the music room, where the students have music classes.

Banner from the Small River School--

To: American Chinese Bailey Yang

Love donation

Warmth forever

Small River School, Houchang region, Wengan County

December 25, 2017

Bailey Yang received a Thank you silk Banner from the Little River School in 2017, for the donation

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Loving people, Jin You is Driving

Mr. Jin You drove his own car for 8 hours to the Small River Elementary school on Christmas Day of 2017.

Driving to the school

Crossing the mountain

After they get in Wengan county, they had to cross two mountains to get the elementary school.

Narrow mountain road

It is not a one way road, but a narrow road with only room for one vehicle.

      160 desks and chairs were delivered and ensembled.

                          Beautiful new desks were all set. 

                 The students are sitting on them now.

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 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~                                   Introduction to Houchang Village 

      Houchang village is in Weng An county, Guizhou plateau, which is surrounded with high mountains. The county has no bituminous streets, only rough soil roads. The kids there have to take one hour to walk to the school every day; if it's a rainy day, it takes them longer to walk.

      Since this poor county has no proper transportation, many of the parents have to go to the cities to find jobs. Most of the parents cannot find enough money to support their families, and the kids have to depend on their grandparents for living and studying. 

      Even though living is very difficult for the families, it does not stop the kids' desire for knowledge; they are always struggling to get the best education at this poor village. The kids there really need help for living, tuition, studying supplies and clothes. 

      This website is a bridge to support the mountain kids to reach their dreams. Financially and spiritually contributing to the kids in need will aid them in achieving their long-term goals.


Mengyao Xi (8 years old)

     Mengyao's family is depending on her father, Gui Xi, who is the only one working and supporting the family. Mother Yaohui Chen stays home, cooks for the family, and does limited fieldwork. After the grandparents passed away, they also have to take care of Mengyao's Uncle Xiang Xi, who is an epileptic.

     Mengyao's brother Xiaobiao Xi  is a sophomore at Guiyang Medical college. College is very expensive and the family is in dire need of assistance.


Xueting Hong, 2nd grade

     The 2nd grade student Xueting Hong, has a younger sister and a brother. They all depend on the grandfather at home.

Father Zhonggui Hong and Mother Youlan Zhang both have to go outside of the village to find jobs. Because this is a mountain village, no jobs can be found in this area.

The parents can never make enough money to support the big family, leaving their lives to be very difficult.


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Huanhuan li, 5th grade

    Huanhuan Li has been one of the top three students at the school since she was in the first grade. Her family has an older sister, younger sister, and a brother. Her father is working part time out of town, and her mother stays home with no job.

    Her grandfather is often ill at home, and has to pay for high medical bills each year. 

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Huifang Xi, 4th grade

     Huifan's family has 5 members. Father Xiaohong Xi works full time out of town. The whole family depends on the father's poor income. Mother Renli Yang stays home to take care of the grand father, who is often very ill. 

     Huifang has a younger brother is in the 2nd grade. 

     Huifang is a good student at the school, and studies very diligently. She also cares and helps other classmates, and is a very polite student.